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Patio, Walkway & Hardscape Design & Installation

Hardscapes Northern VirginiaThe beauty of quality natural stone is inarguable, for patios, walks and retaining walls. It can also be expensive, difficult to work with, and limited to locally available sources.

In the last decade or so, manufactured concrete products have advanced dramatically, emulating a broad range of design patterns and colors, and having excellent durability for use in retaining walls and as pavers. Additionally, the engineered design of the higher quality range of these materials ease installation, and have designed-in structural integrity through proprietary systems, eliminating traditional structural components which reduces overall cost and speeding the construction process. Further, concrete masonry walls have expected lifespan well beyond that of timber walls (and even stone walls). In fact, some of the wall systems and paver systems J.J. Basements and Yards Waterproofing and Repairs (JJBY) recommends carry lifetime (replacement) material warranties due to their high density manufacture and durability.

JJBY has extensive experience in installing natural stone walls, dry stacked and reinforced, timber walls and concrete paver and wall systems, with such features as seat-walls, fireplaces and fire-pits, with crew personnel trained in these systems. JJBY’s designers can assist you in not only in overall design of patios, walks and walls, but assist in wading through myriad material selections.

Whether you are in need of retaining walls alone to control slopes or are interested in creating hardscape areas for further outdoor beauty and enjoyment, contact JJBY for creative hardscape design and installation services.

Patios & Walkways Installation

JJBY’s approach to patio, walk and wall design is to provide flexibility for the client, with the input, creativity and knowledge of a design professional. With an initial consult, the JJBY designer will visit the site and discuss your goals, space constraints and opportunities, various material options and can show catalogs of the precast concrete materials we often use. The designer will take measurements and account for grade and drainage conditions that could affect a design. As these first visits are relatively short, the designer will most often prepare an initial concept plan and layout and rough cost estimate to be emailed to the client. The client and designer may then discuss any changes or refinements to the plan before moving to the final design phase where the client will make specific material selections. The designer may recommend that the client visit one or more suppliers to see stone, paver or wall materials. The designer will then prepare the final plan for acceptance and contract.

This flexible process can have great advantage to the client. For clients who have small projects and do not wish to engage other landscape designers or landscape architects, the JJBY designers can provide direction at very reasonable rates, generally well below professional rates as we work with low overhead costs.

The JJBY designer and client also have the option to work on a normal design-build commission basis thru JJBY or to work with the client on a design fee basis. With more complex designs or where multiple iterations may be required, the designer will discuss an hourly or fixed fee for the design. In this situation, the designer will provide a proposal from JJBY but the client has the option to put the project out to competitive bid. Competitive bidding may require a higher level of detail to ensure that the client’s goals and expectations are met, whereas, in working with JJBY, the designer will have direct input in the construction process.

If you already have a hardscape/landscape plan by another designer, JJBY will be happy to provide a competitive bid on your project.

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Areas of Specilization

  • Flagstone, Slate & Natural Stone
  • Decorative driveway designs
  • Resetting loose paver stones (stone on Mortar bed)
  • Repair and repoint mortar joints
  • General cleaning using appropriate chemical cleaners and pressure washing to remove algae buildup and dirt
  • Stone and paver sealing to protect stone and joints, inhibit algae growth and ease future cleaning
  • Call to consult with us other hardscape services not listed

What Clients Say About JJBY

I engaged Len Blakley and JJBY to design and build a replacement retaining wall and new walk at the front of my home. The challenge here was the extremely steep slope of my front yard and driveway leaving a narrow strip across the front for the walk. Len immediately keyed on a design for a more classic look using low, wide pillars to anchor ends of the wall and worked with me to select the wall and paver materials. I am very pleased with the design and installation by JJBY. The crew was always courteous and left my property clean of debris and I would heartily recommend them.
- Sandra, Vienna, VA

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JJ Basements & Yards focuses on solving problems, not selling products! We identify the root cause of your wet basement or property drainage issues, then create a plan to fix the problem.


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